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Pyre Lyrics By Nothing More Songs Album: Nothing More Year: 2014 When you opened your eyes on the world for the first time as a child; How brilliant the

Nothing More - Pyr
Nothing More - Pyre

Nothing More - Pyre Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: Nothing More
Released: 2014

Pyre Lyrics

When you opened your eyes on the world for the first time as a child;
How brilliant the colors were;
What a jewel the sun was; what marvel the stars;
How incredibly alive the trees were
And to love again and again,
And have people to whom we are deeply attached go to sleep and never wake up
And the laughter echoes only in one's mind... but then the echo goes
The memory, the traces are all gone

All your efforts, all your achievements,
All your attainments turning into dust, nothingness
What is the feeling? what happens to you?

The idea of God as the potter, the architect of the universe,
It makes you feel that life is, after all, important,
That there is someone who cares.
It has meaning, it has sense, and you are valuable in the eyes of the father
But after a while it got embarrassing, the superstition, the myth,
The absolutely unfounded idea why does anybody believe that?

So you become an atheist, and then you feel terrible
After that because you got rid of God
But that means you got rid of yourself, you're just nothing but a machine
And your idea that you're a machine is just a machine too (a machine in the system)

So if you think that that's the way things are, you feel hostile to the world.
You feel that the world is a neurological trap into which you somehow got caught trapped You run from the maternity ward to the crematorium and that's it that's it
So if you're a smart kid you commit suicide

Now I want to propose another idea all together
The real you, is not a puppet which life pushes around.
The real you, the real deep down you, is the whole universe.
You cannot confine yourself to what happens inside the skin.
Your skin doesn't separate you from the world, it's a bridge.
But just as a magnet polarizes its-self in north and south but its all one magnet,
So experience polarizes itself as "Self" and "Other", but it's all one.

What you call the "External world" is as much you as your own body
Most people think that when they open they're eyes
And look around that what they are seeing is outside
It seems, doesn't it, that you are behind your eyes
We haven't realized that life and death, black and white,
Good and evil, being and non-being, come from the same center

When you look for your own particularized center of being
Which is separate from everything else, you won't be able to find it
The only way you'll know it isn't there is if you look hard enough,
To find out that it isn't there
It isn't there at all, there isn't a separate you
There are, in physical reality, no such things as separate events

People can't be talked out of illusions
If a person believes that the earth is flat,
You can't talk him out of that, he knows that it's flat
He'll go down to the window and see that its obvious, it looks flat
So the only way to convince him that it isn't is to say,
"Well let's go and find the edge".

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  • This is one of a trilogy of songs on Nothing More along with "Jenny" and "God Went North" inspired in part by singer Jonny Hawkins' thought process as he observed his mother dying and his sister struggling with addiction to hard drugs. He explained to Artist Direct : "It was happening at the same time my mom was passing away from cancer and hanging for dear life to help my sister through the process. Simultaneously, I was going through my own calibration of my world view and what I thought about life. I was about 20- or 21-years-old when a lot of this was going down. I was starting to think on my own and ask a lot of questions. I was going back to a blank slate in my head of what I believed because I was born into what my parents believed like anyone else is. I wanted to see what I thought as a new adult myself. I was restructuring my beliefs."

    "At the same time, my mom was going the other direction. I was getting less religious, and she was getting more religious as she was getting closer towards death," Hawkins continued. "It was a weird separation process."

    "'Pyre' was something I felt solace in," he added. "Alan Watts was someone who basically said a lot of things that I was thinking, but I couldn't quite put them into words yet on my own. He put it so eloquently into words that I wanted to take some of his lectures I had been listening to and create a narrative that reflected some of my own thoughts going through that time of my life."

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