Vangelis - Chariots of Fire - Title
Vangelis - Chariots of Fire - Titles

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Album: Chariots of Fire Soundtrack
Released: 1982

Chariots of Fire - Titles Lyrics

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  • This is a piano piece written and performed by Greek composer Evangelos Papathanassiou. "Vangelis" was a lot easier to pronounce.
  • Prior to his work on "Chariots of Fire," Vangelis was best-known for his work with Aphrodite's Child (a band that also featured the "singing sofa" Demis Roussos) and the duo Jon and Vangelis ("Jon" was Jon Anderson of Yes). (thanks, Geoff - Morecambe, England)
  • On the original release, the name of the song was "Titles." Two months later, the name was changed to "Chariots of Fire - Titles" (thanks, Brad Wind - Miami, FL)
  • This was written for the 1981 movie about two runners in the 1924 Olympics. It was used in a classic scene where they are running in slow motion. The scene has been spoofed many times, usually with this music used to complete the joke.
  • Not long after the soundtrack's release, Vangelis admitted his total inability to read or write music. He wrote this one literally playing by ear. (thanks, S.D. - Denver, CO)