Flanagan & Allen - Underneath The Arches
Flanagan & Allen - Underneath The Arches

Flanagan & Allen - Underneath The Arches Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: The Flanagan And Allen Story
Released: 1927

Underneath The Arches Lyrics

Underneath The Arches,
We dream our dreams away,
Underneath the arches,
On cobblestones we lay.
Back to back we're sleeping,
Tired out and Worn,
Happy when the daylight comes creeping,
Heralding the dawn.

Sleeping when it's raining,
And sleeping when it's fine,
Trains rattling by above.
Pavement is my pillow,
No matter where I roam,
Underneath the arches,
We dream our dreams of home.

(Not quite sure of that last line. It may be just a repeat of the second.)

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Underneath The Arches
  • "Underneath The Arches" might be described as a song for down and outs. A gentle duet, it was written by Bud Flanagan with a bit of help lyrically by Reg Connelly, and performed initially by Flanagan and Allen. It became the title of a 1937 film comedy in which the two of them starred.
  • In a TV programme broadcast April 19, 1957, Flanagan said he wrote the song at Derby in 1927 and performed it the following week at the Pier Pavillion, Southport. The arches concerned were those of Derby Friargate Station, but homeless people continued to sleep under arches for decades to come. In London - where Flanagan was born - the most infamous such arches were those under the railway at Charing Cross in the West End. In 1941, the two served the 50,000th meal at The Arches restaurant, a communal feeding centre in London's Kentish Town.