Catman Cohen - How I Want To Die
Catman Cohen - How I Want To Die

Catman Cohen - How I Want To Die Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: How I Want to Die: The Catman Chronicles 1
Released: 2005

How I Want To Die Lyrics

How I Want To Die
  • Considered by many to be a song in favor of suicide, according to Catman Cohen the song is an anthem for rescue workers who would rather die young and violently in defense of a child than old and miserable in a hospital. When suicide websites created by young teenagers began appearing on the internet in which the song was featured, Catman Cohen was forced to issue a press release denouncing those who adopted the song as a pro-suicide mantra.
  • Singer Amy Court found the song to be "creepy" but, nevertheless, was persuaded to perform in it.
  • Producer Henry Iglesias wanted to sing the entire song but Catman Cohen felt that his own bullfrog vocals would add edge to the piece.
  • Jonathan Joffe, who directed the music video for the song, found it to be so disturbing that he said he would have to wait at least a year before he could listen to it again.