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Common - War
Common - War

Common - War Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Nobody Smiling
Released: 2014

War Lyrics

Yeah, U.N.I.Verse
At War
U.N.I.Verse (when you and I verse)
At war motherfucker
We gonna do this Chi-town style (verse at war)
Illadelph, you know how we get down
You know the business (Illtown illanoid)
Bringin it straight to your chest (comin through with the iller category)
Yessah, hah, yeah (preacher man with the Com)
Break it down one two (we about to drop a bomb, check it)

[Chorus: x2]
When you and I verse at war (U.N.I.Verse at War)
And your verse at core, for what you thought before
Steppin up into a zone you should never explore
The next level or, level of the whole conceptor

Check it, rappers
Get on the mic talk about cars and clothes
Sounding like hoes
Ain't been exposed to the foes of most disciples
I'm from the state that is Ill, the rap son of man
Rotated down to Phil, to say what I feel
Get it off my burnt chest, my word becomes flesh
War, going on between the West and the East
Of the land, niggaz don't own a piece
Grease is the word, Murray slides some pimp oil to me
My lady friend sneaks my beer in the movie
Throw your hands in the air, if you the true and living
Beware, the new world order, the devil's new religion
Sent my homey to the number two division
Sellin bootleg movies, got my VCR on a evasive maneuver
Be that as I chooses, drinkin tropical it's just sittin
At a table with sophisticated bitches
Nah that ain't nothin I would call my mother
Nor do I call every nigga my brother
Gotta have Black Thought, it's sorta be like Malik
So don't Question a Brother, to the Roots I get deep

Yo, enter the last era
Your scholarship into the world of politics
And mascara, we operate within this artificial op-era
I bring hip-hop terror like the Fuhrer
The Ace Ventura into the horror
Laboratory laborer, venture beyond the border
I'll struc-ture a style destroy your whole aura
Plus you're a-drenalin'll rise before your eyes
And mortalize, my image hit the skies
Deceive the devil in disguise
My music I parenthesize
Represent the wise, do this be how we enterprise
Kid no compromise (yeah, yeah) I'm thinkin' fast like drama
Dyin I wear your mind away like Alzheimer
I pull a mic up out my bomber big up to Bahama
The A-O this year we leavin' 'em in trauma
Then after me, I plan to leave behind, the legacy
Or history of the family, the fifth dynasty
For humanity, to bear witness to this
Del-val-syllable stylist
You know the time kid

[Chorus x2]

Yo, the general flows, kids compose on tablet
Expose how they was average and they thoughts not rapid
Here comes the hot package, through your block like traffic
The rock was typed graphic now watch the mic blast it
Shootin' at the stars with emphatic rap static
See the mirror shatter from thoughts, I'm bustin' back at it
The Lieuten-ant, the ele-phant, sippin automatic
Mic, rippin asiatic, architects out to have it
The turn of the century, the planet's like a penitentiary
Exaggerated, niggaz is livin' highly medicated
I Used to Love but now she violated
Hip-hop holocaust and camps, old champs are concentrated
They outdated and incarcerated
Loved and appreciated hated and very debated
For every career created was eliminated
And that's the way the balance of yin and yang related

As the block is de-vine
Niggaz swing on in a safari
Wild niggaz, like I'm high on latari
Some let the block block they mind if they could see what I see
Get out the city for a sec be at the places I be
Hey, I'ma be back on the deck, opening
Business in places for you to cash your check
My, neck of the woods ain't all good ain't all bad
You can live in the burbs, and still get had
The sad part about it niggaz had houses on the lake
They tryin' to move us out, the land we ain't appreciate
For peace we skate, crackers we roll or player hate
Call each other 'cause cause of how we relate
I see way too many Cadillacs with dope man plates
Through the wind and blow-ups, is how niggaz communicate
Harmonizing through beeper and reefer
The city got my peoples in a sleeper, talk is getting cheaper

[Chorus x4]

Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

  • The first song to be made available from Common's Nobody Smiling album finds the rapper reflecting on the violence in his home city of Chicago that has been making headlines for the past few years. He spits:

    "Put ya flames in the air for the deceased and the
    Young soldiers who never got to become older
    Dogtagged in the body bag
    Police kept the knot he had."

    Common explains in an interview segment that plays out at the song's fade: "We came up with this concept; Nobody's Smiling was really a thought that came about because of all the violence that was going on in Chicago. It happens in Chicago, but it's happening around the world in many ways. It may not be to the numbers that's happening in Chicago, but it's happening in the inner-cities all over America. It's really a call to action."
  • The song was produced by Chicago beatmaker No I.D, who helmed Common's first three albums, before hooking up with the former G.O.O.D. Music member again for 2011's The Dreamer/The Believer.

  • Common - Blak Maji
    Common - Blak Majik

    Common - Blak Majik Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

    Album: Nobody Smiling
    Released: 2014

    Blak Majik Lyrics

    Blak Majik

    Ooh that boy he radical
    Talk that money talk empathetical
    Who in the game had the baddest hoes
    Niggas seen Badu's ass and said "I seen what you was on"
    Home grown with no home phone
    From the city of wind nigga, win or go home
    It's the Chi bullshit I'm on
    Make a dome from a brick and a pocket full of stones
    Hit them cones, clips and crones
    I don't play away games, I got hitters at home
    I'm a don like six in the morn'
    Me and Muhammad speak in similar tones
    Go hard like pyramid stones
    Stand the test of time cross the burning sands
    With aggressive rhymes, I'm blessed to rhyme
    I invest in time
    Like Superman, stick out my chest and shine, I'm

    Blak Majik

    Yeah yeah, I'm black, I'm magical
    I ride fun facts that's actual
    Keep it one hunnid that's natural
    To get them new blue hunnid niggas strapped with flow
    Shout out to black and DC make it capital
    I done made enough, I don't have to rap no more
    Tell the truth, that ain't what I'm rapping fo'
    Got a whole lot so we can have some mo'
    So rosey go to red diamond make 'em clap some more
    Clap clap, home of the original gang bangers
    Gun clappers, no lackers, rack stackers
    Movie, we are black actors
    Makin' somethin' out of nothin' blak majik
    What I do, I own like magic
    Status of the livest and established
    Girl with the fattest, I'm givin' you the gladdest
    Like you ever had this magic

    Neewteb ni tsixe I ereh ton ma I
    Maerd ruoy ni evah uoy suoicsnoc eht ma I

    I am the matter that cannot be seen
    I am the conscious you have in your dream
    Do not be scared of my dark energy
    I am not here I exist in between
    Yeah that's me I'm magical
    I'm black I'm strapped with magic bro
    I'm nothing you have had before
    I'm everything but nothing more

    Blak Majik

    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC, REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

    Blak Majik
  • This hard-edged track finds Common boasting about his lyrical skills and saluting his Chicago hometown over No I.D's beat. The rapper also namechecks Neo-Soul songstress Erykah Badu, who he dated in the early 2000's ("Ni--as seen Badu's ass and said 'I seen what you was on'").
  • That's Jhené Aiko singing the hook, bridge and third verse. "I wanted to team up with [Jhené] and do a song that was fresh. I called it 'Blak Majik' because I say we make something out of nothing," Common told . "It's also a feel-good, fun song, but it's hard, it's rough."

    "Jhené Aiko is an artist that I truly respect," he continued. "I think she has a unique voice in music, in culture. When I say unique voice, not only is it her singing voice, but her perspective, who she is, what she offers to the world is something that's very, very special. It's a soul to it. It's a spirit to it."
  • The nonsense lines that Aiko croons in the bridge are a couple from her verse, flipped and reordered in order to emphasize her magical powers: "I am not here I exist in between. I am the conscious you have in your dream."

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