San Cisco - Fred Astaire
San Cisco - Fred Astaire

San Cisco - Fred Astaire Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: San Cisco
Released: 2013

Fred Astaire Lyrics

Well of course I miss you, baby
I've been thinking lately
That you don't need me anymore
You'd be better with Fred Astaire
He could take you anywhere
If you ask him to

And God knows
That its a common misconception
That I'm the only one for you
And I could take you out for breakfast
But he could take you 'round the world

Fred Astaire's the man for you

Well, he could buy you a diamond ring
Or he could get you anything
If you ask him to
He probably know how to dance
And he could fly you to France
And you could do it all night long

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Fred Astaire
  • San Cisco is an Australian Indie-Pop band that formed in 2009 in Fremantle, Western Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist Jordi Davieson, guitarist Josh Biondillo, bassist Nick Gardner and drummer Scarlett Stevens. All members, except Stevens, share duties on keyboards.
  • This is a track from San Cisco's eponymous debut album. It finds Davieson singing: "Fred Astaire's the man for you." Gardner explained to Artist Direct : "This song is basically about thinking you're not good enough. The girl you're after has another guy nearby who seems better than you."