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Neil Diamond Songs - Seongah and Jimmy Lyrics

Seongah and Jimmy Lyrics By Neil Diamond Songs Album: Melody Road Year: 2014 Seongah and Jimmy, Seongah and Jimmy They found each other Downtown in Brookl

Neil Diamond - Seongah and Jimm
Neil Diamond - Seongah and Jimmy

Neil Diamond - Seongah and Jimmy Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: Melody Road
Released: 2014

Seongah and Jimmy Lyrics

Seongah and Jimmy,
Seongah and Jimmy
They found each other
Downtown in Brooklyn
She's from Korea, he's from Long Island
They found each other,
And they discovered love

Seongah and Jimmy,
Seongah and Jimmy
Both have a sister,
Both have a brother
She learns her English
He learns Korean
They learn that love is spoken in many ways

Seongah, how close can two lovers be?
Each day's a promise I'll never let you go
Seongah, how long must two lovers dream?
My head is reeling, feelings I've never known

Work in the city, go there together
They take the subway, all kinds of weather
Friends in her office know her as Sarah,
Seongah and Jimmy work for a better day

Seongah and Jimmy,
Seongah and Jimmy
Live near each other, out there in Green Point
Move in together, promise forever
She cooks Korean, he likes Korean too

Seongah, don't be impatient with me
With you beside me, nowhere that I can't go
Seongah, dream how you want love to be
And I'll make a promise I'll try to make it so

She wants her Masters, he helps her study
He has a toothache, she finds a dentist
He says I love you, she knows he means it
She says Saranghae, he knows she means it too

I hear music in the air
People dancing in the street
Loves in blossom everywhere
Even strangers start to greet
Love happens in Brooklyn
I live there long ago, and nothing's changed
Brought flowers, she took them
They laughed together in the pouring rain, de de de de de de de de de de de

Oh yeah
Seongah and Jimmy,
Seongah and Jimmy
Soon they get married, in came their families
Her's from Korea, his from Long Island
They stayed together, and made a joyful day
Seongah and Jimmy,
They had so much to say
Seongah and Jimmy,
They found a better way

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Seongah and Jimmy Song Chart
  • Neil Diamond got married for the third time in 2012 to his manager Katie McNeil. He penned this song for his Long Island native brother-in-law Jimmy and Korean sister-in-law, Senogah, after attending their engagement party. He explained to Jam! Music : "I was really moved to write that because, first of all, I knew I'd be playing that for Seongah and Jimmy and it ended up I played the record for them at their wedding dinner so that was a beautiful moment for me. It was worth the year-plus that I spent writing that song."

    "Her mom, who'd come over from Korea, started to cry when she heard her daughter's name, and Jimmy immediately piped in, 'This should be a Broadway show!' That was a lot of fun," Diamond continued. "I've never had that experience before, writing something for someone else and watching them experiencing it."
  • Diamond explained during a Reddit AMA the song tells "the story of a Korean girl and a boy from Long Island who fall in love, go to Brooklyn, move in together, get married, and live happily ever after without once sharing a common language or being able to converse with each other."

    He added: "It tells a story of the power of love, and how it transcends such mundane things as language and customs and country of origin."

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