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Jerry Lee Lewis Songs - Breathless Lyrics

Breathless Lyrics By Jerry Lee Lewis Songs Album: The Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis Year: 1958 Now, if you love me, let's please don't tease If I can hold you

Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathles
Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless

Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: The Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis
Released: 1958

Breathless Lyrics

Now, if you love me,
let's please don't tease
If I can hold you then
let me squeeze
My heart goes 'round and 'round
My love comes tumblin' down

You leave me Breathless
Oh, I shake all over and
you know why
I'm sure it's love and
that's no lie
'cause when you call my name
I burn like wood inflamed

You leave me Breathless
Oh, baby! Mm-mm. Crazy!
You're much too much
I can't love you enough
Now it's all right to hold me tight,
but when you love me
love me right

Now, come on, baby
Don't be shy
'cause love was meant for you and I
Wind, rain, sleet or snow
I will be wherever you go
You leave me Breathless

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Breathless Song Chart
  • This was sinking without a trace when Dick Clark made the following offer on his show: a free copy of the "Breathless" 45 for 5 Beechnut gum wrappers and fifty cents shipping and handling. As a result "Breathless" reached the Top 10 and Beechnut outsold Wrigley for only the third time in history.
  • This was Lewis's last Top 10 hit before his career was derailed by scandal. He married the 13-year-old daughter of his cousin, and when word got out, radio stations stopped playing his songs.
  • Richard Gere's 1983 movie Breathless featured both Jerry Lee Lewis' hit of the same name and a version by the LA punk group X. In the film, Gere sings some of the song to his love interest before grabbing a gun and firing on police who are closing in on him. The credits then roll as the X version plays.

    So how did X end up recording the song? Before the band performed the song on their David Letterman Show appearance, X guitarist John Doe told the host: "They called us up and said, 'We hear you do a wonderful version of this song.' And we didn't, so we BS'd our way through it and said, 'Sure, of course we do.' We ran back to the studio, rehearsed it up and recorded it in about a week."

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