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Marilyn Manson Songs - Kinderfeld Lyrics

Kinderfeld Lyrics By Marilyn Manson Songs Album: Antichrist Superstar Year: 1996 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Kinderfeld Youtube Music Video

Marilyn Manson - Kinderfel
Marilyn Manson - Kinderfeld

Marilyn Manson - Kinderfeld Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: Antichrist Superstar
Released: 1996

Kinderfeld Lyrics

Kinderfeld Song Chart
  • "Kinderfeld" is about Marilyn Manson's Grandfather Jack Warner, who used to go into his basement and masturbate, then cover this behavior by saying he was playing with a train set. As Manson explains in his book The Long Hard Road Out of Hell , his grandparents had strict punitive rules that they would reinforce with making him kneel on broomsticks ("I had to kneel on broomsticks just to make it go away"). He broke the rules often because the pain made him forget what he saw. Other forms of punishment are referenced in the lyrics "three holes upon the leather belt, the gut is swollen the edge the edge is showing, there is no one her to save ourselves." The song also refers to how parents and religion tell us what to think and feel ("This is what you should fear"). (thanks, Shaun - Adelaide, Australia)
  • As a child, Manson always wanted to witness the forbidden. This led to his spying on his grandfather, along with spying on naked women. Around that same time in his childhood, he began having vivid dreams filled with distorted images of the things he saw. These images still haunt him in his sleep and have led to the creation of many of his songs.

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