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Mike Einziger Songs - Til Everyone Can See Lyrics

Til Everyone Can See Lyrics By Mike Einziger Songs Album: Single Release Only Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Til Everyone Can See Youtube Music Video

Mike Einziger - Til Everyone Can Se
Mike Einziger - Til Everyone Can See

Mike Einziger - Til Everyone Can See Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: Single Release Only
Released: 2014

Til Everyone Can See Lyrics

Til Everyone Can See
  • Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger wrote this track with his fiancée Ann-Marie Simpson. It was released to raise awareness for the Red Card To End Child Labor campaign.

    After they'd becomeg interested in the group, which campaigns to put an end to the cruelest forms of child labor and slavery, Red Card reached out to Einziger and Simpson and asked if they'd be interested in writing a song for them. "It's a really difficult thing to do actually, at least for us… to write a song about something so serious," Einziger told . "It was a challenge. But the cause was important enough for us to give it a shot. And luckily once we wrote the song a bunch of other people were happy to get involved and lend their voices and their musical skills."
  • The all-star track also features Pharrell Williams Travis Barker, composers Hans Zimmer and Dom Lewis, pop singer LIZ and Minh Dang, who is a former child sex slave. However, it is Einziger who performed lead vocal duties for the very first time with the guests appearing in on the choruses. Although his vocals were only intended to serve as a guide, the guitarist received so much praise that they ended up retaining his singing.

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