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Ginuwine Songs - Final Warning/Interlude Lyrics

Final Warning/Interlude Lyrics By Ginuwine Songs Album: 100% Ginuwine Year: 1999 [Aaliyah] Oh, who keeps calling you Boy i ain't scared of you, no no You

Ginuwine - Final Warning/Interlud
Ginuwine - Final Warning/Interlude

Ginuwine - Final Warning/Interlude Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: 100% Ginuwine
Released: 1999

Final Warning/Interlude Lyrics

Oh, who keeps calling you
Boy i ain't scared of you, no no
You see, I got your number
Tell me who you snuck and gave you number to

Ooh, your tripping now
Girl quit fussing now, naw
You can't go jumping to conclusions
It's ringing, but that doesn't mean I've been cheating does it

Not right now I'm busy
Call me in the morning, oh
Your telephones awful busy
They calling in the morning, oh
That was your final warning, don't call me in the morning Oooh

Ooh, who keeps bugging you
Or who's been loving you, tell me
"are you" are you "that somebody,"
Or is it you been loving on somebody else

Woo, what the hell you talking bout?
And could you put that finger down
I'm always gonna be the "same ol G"
Are you leaving or staying with me?
Tell me


[Aaliyah: Repeats]
So who keeps bugging you (tell me)
So who keeps bugging you (oh oh oh)
So who keeps bugging you (oh oh)

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Final Warning/Interlude
  • This duet with Aaliyah was the only track on 100% Ginuwine with a featured guest. Ginuwine told Billboard magazine: "I was never really into doing features, but if I was going to do one it was going to be with her. We had the same management team; were under the same umbrella."

    "I remember that day we were just having fun and playing around like we usually would do," he continued. "We did the song in like an hour, but we kept going all day because we were just talking and joking. I'll never forget that day. I'm really lucky that I got to have her on my CD and that that will live on forever. I'll always be grateful for that."

    "I actually wrote 'Miss You' for her back then," Ginuwine added. "It didn't get put on her next album, but after she passed it got released on the compilation album [I Care 4 U]. I was really happy about that."

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