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Simon Felice Songs - The Gallows Lyrics

The Gallows Lyrics By Simon Felice Songs Album: Strangers Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: The Gallows Youtube Music Video

Simon Felice - The Gallow
Simon Felice - The Gallows

Simon Felice - The Gallows Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Strangers
Released: 2014

The Gallows Lyrics

The Gallows
  • Former Felice Brothers drummer, Simon Felice, recorded his second solo album up in the Catskills Mountains at his friend David Baron's studio. He recalled to Uncut magazine. "Making Strangers was unique among the records I've worked on in that it was all done in one place: a good friend's studio at the top of a dead-end mountain road."

    Felice added to American Songwriter magazine: "I'd walk through the woods to the old house Jimi Hendrix occupied when he lived here in the late 60s, work out lyrics and melodies on those walks, commune with the ghosts."
  • This album closer was inspired by a woman who said she would hypnotize Felice for five dollars. He gave her the money and when he opened his eyes she'd gone. Later Felice asked who she was at the local gas station, and he was informed that she was a Acid casualty and he'd been robbed. Felice went straight to the studio and recorded this song, which he told American Songwriter, "was written in something close to a state of grace, which rarely happens for me."

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