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YG Songs - Thank God (Interlude) Lyrics

Thank God (Interlude) Lyrics By YG Songs Album: My Krazy Life Year: 2014 All my life, wanted to love you, wanna make you proud To never leave you or how t

YG - Thank God (Interlude
YG - Thank God (Interlude)

YG - Thank God (Interlude) Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: My Krazy Life
Released: 2014

Thank God (Interlude) Lyrics

All my life, wanted to love you, wanna make you proud
To never leave you or how they fly
Gave up my loyalty and paid the price
Got me asking why these people wrong you, but you done them right
They giving up and all you do is fight
You sacrificing, you would even die
And I thank God for never leaving me alone even when I'm on my own
Won't break up, stand up strong
And I thank God for showing the road to go
When I'm weak and feeling low, built up, but never show

Sorry, Ms.Jackson, I hate to call in this fashion
I understand it's late and you work harder than average
Plus I'm knowing that you and your son have been clashing
But Kenny called and told me to tell you what happened
He hit a lick with his homies, his homies switched it on him
They spent the money, he got greedy and put the pistol on him
Shots fired from both sides, but nobody died
I thank God he survived and got out alive
But this gon' hurt you to hear
Kenny went to jail, might be facing some years
Police say it's evidence he broke into someone's residence
The neighbors say they witnessed it and plus they found fingerprints
They say the bail like 50 thou
But it's gon' be like 5 thousand to get him out
Man, I told him not to fuck with them niggas
I'm sorry, I don't mean to curse, but I just never trust 'em at all
And he up in the pound, my dawg
And his girl ain't accepting his call
Can't let him fight the charge in his cell, he didn't bail on me
I got 2, we just need the other 3, fight the case on his feet

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Thank God (Interlude)
  • My Krazy Life tells the story of the hardships YG faced growing up in Compton, his gang affiliations and the time he spent locked up in jail. This song finds his mother being informed on the phone of her son's arrest. This track features Big TC and the rapper's Pu$haz Ink labelmate RJ, however YG himself never appears. "I couldn't call her, she didn't want to hear nothing I had to say," YG explained during a RapFix Live interview of his omission from the track. "So I had the homey do a verse talking to my mama, let her know what's going on. That's RJ, that's why I wasn't on the song."
  • Big TC is the younger brother of rapper/singer Ty Dolla $ign. He recorded his take while locked in prison on a murder charge. "The person you hear on the song first is Big TC, he's in the penitentiary facing life. So him and his homeys be recording songs on their phones and uploading it to YouTube," YG explained.

    "We was on YouTube one day and DJ Mustard was playing it for me and I was like, 'That's hard, make a beat to that.' So we got it off of YouTube, turned it to an MP3 file, he pulled it up and made a beat to it."

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