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Bayside Songs - Time Has Come Lyrics

Time Has Come Lyrics By Bayside Songs Album: Cult Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Time Has Come Youtube Music Video

Bayside - Time Has Come
Bayside - Time Has Come

Bayside - Time Has Come Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Cult
Released: 2014

Time Has Come Lyrics

Time Has Come
  • The lead single from Cult finds Anthony Raneri challenging himself to rise to the occasion. "It's meant to be more of an uplifting thing," said the singer. "If I want to make something of myself, build a legacy, accomplish something, then I've got to just go do it. The time is now to do something if you ever plan on it."
  • Anthony Raneri does some ghostwriting, and he wrote this song when he was working on a session for a Pop singer, which explains the smooth edges. Raneri won't give up the ghost by saying what artist he was writing for, but he told us: "'Time Has Come' was a really interesting one because I wrote it within a session where I was trying to write a Pop song for somebody else. So it was definitely a different approach. I wrote it completely within the computer on synthesizers and stuff like that. So it was a really unique approach for me to have as far as writing a Bayside song goes.

    It was almost like being able to do a cover. It's like they do those punk-goes-pop compilations, and that's fun for a punk band to take a pop song and just rock it out. So I got to do that, except it was my own song. That was a really fun one to work on." (Here's the full Anthony Raneri interview .)
  • Asked by why Bayside decided to title the record Cult, Raneri replied: "The word 'Cult' is a name that's followed our band around for the last few years. The fans just started calling themselves that a while back and we wanted to pay homage of them with that. Also, a real theme for this album is legacy, in terms of my lyrics and how we feel about the band, so it's a good name to sum up the history of the band."

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