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David Crosby Songs - Morning Falling Lyrics

Morning Falling Lyrics By David Crosby Songs Album: Croz Year: 2014 His open eyes At first light We see An echo of his mothers smile At her breast His si

David Crosby - Morning Falling
David Crosby - Morning Falling

David Crosby - Morning Falling Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Croz
Released: 2014

Morning Falling Lyrics

His open eyes
At first light
We see
An echo of his mothers smile

At her breast
His sister pressed
The sun begins to warm the ancient tile

They came that day, hollow men
Agents of a god they could not know
A mile above, distant eyes
Miss desperate pleas that pictures could not show
The Morning Falling

A shackle snaps
Beneath cold wings
The shepherd is pulled toward home

The shadow falls
A falcon calls
His world becomes a mountain of stone

They came that day, empty men
Agents of a god they’ll never know
High above, those eyes
See what seems to be on screens that glow
The morning falling

His eyes can see
But his mind can’t hold
What he has seen
The absence of the lives they used to live

A world away
The trigger is pulled
And here there is no reason to forgive

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Morning Falling
  • David Crosby wrote this song, which is about drones killing innocent people, with his son James Raymond. They wrote more than half the tracks on Croz together and Crosby told Mojo magazine: "Right from the very first song we wrote together, it's been very good and easy. He seems to know where I'm going and I seem to know where he's going, I don't really even know how to describe it, but I know that I write better with him than with anybody else. That's a fairly difficult chemistry and doesn't happen fairly easily, but when it does it opens the door to another level and some of the best music I made."
  • Pianist James Raymond was born in 1962 and placed by David Crosby for adoption. He was reunited with his father as an adult and in 1997 Raymond began performing with him as a member of Crosby, Pevar & Raymond. After the disbandment of CPR in 2004, Raymond continued to work with his dad as well as part of the touring bands for Crosby & Nash and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

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