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Amy Grant Songs - Baby Baby Lyrics

Baby Baby Lyrics By Amy Grant Songs Album: Heart In Motion Year: 1991 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Baby Baby Youtube Music Video

Amy Grant - Baby Baby
Amy Grant - Baby Baby

Amy Grant - Baby Baby Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Heart In Motion
Released: 1991

Baby Baby Lyrics

Baby Baby
  • Grant wrote this for her daughter Millie, who was six weeks old at the time.

    We asked Amy in a 2013 interview what Millie - then 23 years old - thinks of the song. Amy replied: "I think she just says, 'This is the song inspired by me.'"

    Grant added: "When they were younger, they traveled with me on the bus. I mean, as they got older, I had to take a tutor until they were old enough to not want to travel as much as I did. But I didn't ever force my children to have any kind of emotional attachment to the music I made, because I knew that they would find the music that they loved, and I didn't ever want them to feel pressured. I jokingly have said, 'Oh, I'm so glad I heard 'Baby, Baby' in an elevator the other day, because it's helping defray the cost of your college education.' [Laughing] But it's just like, 'Well, that's what Mom does.'"
  • Grant is a very popular singer in the world of Christian music, but this was her first big secular hit as a solo artist. She did have a #1 hit in the US with her duet with Peter Cetera on "The Next Time I Fall."
  • The Nashville producer and songwriter Keith Thomas wrote this with Grant. He worked on several of her songs, and also wrote hits for Whitney Houston, Vanessa Williams, Sophie B. Hawkins and James Ingram.
  • The video for this song raised suspicion among Grant's Contemporary Christian fans, as she sang it affectionately to an actor - not her husband (and father of Millie) Gary Chapman. Grant and Chapman, who married in 1982, divorced in 1999. A year later, Grant married the Country star Vince Gill .
  • The Swirling Eddies recorded this on their 1996 album Sacred Cows, which was comprised of comedic covers of Christian hits. When we asked Terry Taylor of the group in 2012 if he stood behind the album, he replied: "Yes, I stand way way way behind it! Look, I had a blast doing it, but no I wouldn't do another. One is enough! I know first hand that Amy Grant thought it was hilarious. On the other hand, I don't think that Degarmo and Key were too happy with the fact that they had the dubious honor of having not one but two songs covered by The Eddies."
  • To commemorate its 25th anniversary, Amy Grant remade the song in 2016, with additional vocals by her labelmate Tori Kelly. Producer Dave Garcia brought Kelly into the studio to record her take. He then merged her vocals with Grant's original for the updated version.

    Grant told People: "Although I had not met Tori at that point, my 15-year-old daughter, Corrina, is a big fan of Tori's and so I was very aware of her incredible talent and was honored she would sing this song."

    Kelly told ABC Radio: "I definitely wanted to stay true to the melody and, you know, how the original was made. But it wasn't hard to stick to it 'cause it made me realize just what a great song it always was, and it just felt so classic and timeless."

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