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Deftones Songs - Headup Lyrics

Headup Lyrics By Deftones Songs Album: Around The Fur Year: 1997 Got back out back off the forefront I never said or got to say bye to my boy But it's oft

Deftones - Headup
Deftones - Headup

Deftones - Headup Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Around The Fur
Released: 1997

Headup Lyrics

Got back out back off the forefront
I never said or got to say bye to my boy
But it's often I try I think about how I'd be screaming
And the times would be bumping

All our minds would be flowing
Taking care of shit like hey 'holmes'
What you needing sometimes life will be coming off whack
And will open your eyes

As I proceed to get loose
I feel you next to me fiending
Getting spacey with the common
Love of music think of this as the

Sun and the mind as a tool but we
Could bounce back from this one
With attitude will and some spirit
With attitude will and your spirit
We'll shove it aside

Fly high
So fly
Fly free

Shut your shit please say what you will
I can't think side step around
I'm bound to the freestyle
Push It down to the ground

With a nova dash
But they watch you
Now climb up superslide
Our spirit so low it's coming over you

Fly High
So fly
Fly free

You walk into this world

Walk into this world with your head up high


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  • This is a tribute to Dana Wells, the stepson of Max Cavalera (formerly of Sepultura), who was killed by a hit and run driver. Dana was a friend of Deftones lead singer Chino Moreno. Parts of Dana's diary was used in the lyrics: "Walk into this world with your head up high!"
  • Max Cavalera helped write this, and named his band "Soulfly" after a line in this song.
  • Cavalera: "The song we did together was very special. They'd lost a friend too. When me and Chino recorded the vocals we were both on the floor and emotions were going everywhere. It was almost as if we had Dana in the studio sitting between the two of us. We were raging so hard, and I remember looking up and seeing Chino had smashed his nose and there was blood all over his face. He had this expression on his face which said, 'How much more energy can you put into a song!' It was unbelievable! When I put that song on I get goosebumps." (thanks, Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 3)

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