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Nina Persson Songs - Dreaming of Houses Lyrics

Dreaming of Houses Lyrics By Nina Persson Songs Album: Animal Heart Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Dreaming of Houses Youtube Music Video

Nina Persson - Dreaming of Houses
Nina Persson - Dreaming of Houses

Nina Persson - Dreaming of Houses Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Animal Heart
Released: 2014

Dreaming of Houses Lyrics

Dreaming of Houses
  • This song was inspired by Nina Persson's actual reoccurring dreams about houses and rooms. She explained in an Anchor Shop interview: "They're reoccurring dreams in my life and are big for me. A lot of people may be like "oh shut up about these dreams" but I don't care, it's my record. For me, it's an archetypical thing and a good symbol for how we think about walls and how we surround ourselves in feelings of being trapped. In your room you're locked in, and I think there are a lot of interesting things in there. I love dreams and at times they stay with you longer than 'real' things do."
  • Persson is often drawn to melancholy subjects and complicated relationship issues like abuse and abandonment, despite being happily married to husband and writing partner Nathan Larson. She explained how she stays in touch with these emotions in a Songfacts interview : "You don't cease as a human, as a person, just because you get these institutions in your life. I feel like I can really tune into the mindset of being a mom and all these things. It's all still there. It's just that I've teamed up to become this person along the ride." Besides, she adds, what's the point of writing about happiness, "because when it's there, it's just f--king there and it's great. You don't need to comment on it hardly."

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