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Periphery Songs - The Summer Jam Lyrics

The Summer Jam Lyrics By Periphery Songs Album: Clear Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: The Summer Jam Youtube Music Video

Periphery - The Summer Jam
Periphery - The Summer Jam

Periphery - The Summer Jam Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Clear
Released: 2014

The Summer Jam Lyrics

The Summer Jam
  • This is a cut from Periphery's experimental EP, Clear, on which each band member composed a track. This was the tune penned by guitarist and programmer Jake Bowen and he told Artist Direct the story of the song. "I had a bunch of riffs when we were touring on Summer Slaughter 2012," he said. "There was a little Roland Micro Cube. They had it on the bus. I picked up the guitar, and I was jamming on the same tempo and feel. I came up with a lot of riffs for that song then. I decided that would be my track for the EP when we went in to record it. It's really just a collection of riffs from that tour that I held on to and I felt really represented my style. It's also got an upbeat and positive vibe to it whereas everybody else's is pretty dark and pissed-off sounding."

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