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Switchfoot Songs - Slipping Away Lyrics

Slipping Away Lyrics By Switchfoot Songs Album: Fading West Year: 2014 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Slipping Away Youtube Music Video

Switchfoot - Slipping Away
Switchfoot - Slipping Away

Switchfoot - Slipping Away Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Fading West
Released: 2014

Slipping Away Lyrics

Slipping Away
  • Jon Foreman (from Land Of Broken Hearts ): "Of all the mysteries of life, perhaps death is the strangest reality of the human experience. The cessation of a human being on the planet is almost impossible to come to terms with. Eyes no longer filled with light. Heart no longer beating. Hands cold. Breath gone. But beneath all of this, the question remains: where did my friend go? The room is vacant, the body abandoned."

    "The memories are all that are left, the ghosts of a time passed. And in many ways, these memories represent the graveside tombstones of times that will never be ours again. We lay our flowers on the gravesides, we honor what has been with our present time. We can remember what has been, but we can never have these moments again."

    "Indeed, where you come from is gone. 'Slipping Away' is a song about loss, and the memories that remain."
  • Drummer Chad Butler recalled on a Spotify track-by-track: "I remember the first time Jon played this song for me I fell in love instantly with the lyric 'waking up at four in the morning, before the sun comes up' – just the whole nostalgia of that and the idea that live is short, and don't let it slip away."

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