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A Perfect Circle Songs - By And Down Lyrics

By And Down Lyrics By A Perfect Circle Songs Album: Three Sixty Year: 2013 Moving in and out of the shadows It's no easier mission Holding onto how I pict

A Perfect Circle - By And Down
A Perfect Circle - By And Down

A Perfect Circle - By And Down Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Three Sixty
Released: 2013

By And Down Lyrics

Moving in and out of the shadows
It's no easier mission
Holding onto how I picture you

Showing only bits and pieces
'Till the tide betrays you and your empty allocution

Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of humility
Searching your eyes for the saint is an act of futility
Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of it
Searching your eyes for humility
Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace
I'm still searching searching

Showing all the missing pieces
'Till the light betrays you and your empty allocution
Saw the Piper By And Down the river
Caught his crippled alchemy
From pounding waves of adoration

Pied Piper float on down the river
Bloated carcass crippled me
The weight of adoration

Moving in and out of the shadows
It's no easy mission
Holding on to how I picture you

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By And Down
  • This is the one new recording from A Perfect Circle's greatest hits compilation, Three Sixty. It was the band's first fresh song to appear in nearly a decade. The five-minute cut was written during the band's live re-emergences in the early 2010s and was first debuted as far back as June 2011, when the band played it live at their North American Summer tour. Frontman Maynard James Keenan told Artist Direct the song evolved in its live setting. "That's always going to happen when you have a song that you've rehearsed in a square room," he said. "When you get on stage, you feel a push and pull. You need to nudge this part a little harder and you need to get a little quieter on this part. All of those things evolve as you tour, I'd have to say with every song, that's the case. I think they're going to slowly evolve as you do them. For the most part, that song has remained fairly pure from its inception. Because of the experience we've had in the past on the road, I feel like we can kind of predict where that might go."
  • Guitarist Billy Howerdel told Billboard magazine that laying down this song in the studio proved to be a challenge, especially since the band hadn't recorded any new material since 2004's eMOTIVe. "I kind of underestimated what it would take to do it because we had played it live so many times,"Howerdel said. "The song was pretty realized, and I knew what it was gonna be. But just like anything else in the studio, just because you know the notes doesn't mean you know how the production's gonna go down. It took awhile to craft it into a proper studio recording that you were gonna be proud enough to release. Once I was in the middle of it, it did feel like familiar ground again to do that, but it definitely takes a little while to get back on the horse."
  • The song can also be found on the "Stone and Echo" volume of the band's 2013 limited edition live box set, recorded during an Aug. 11, 2011 show at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver.
  • The music originated from Howerdel playing around with his three-year old. The guitarist recalled to Rock Revolt Magazine : "He was playing piano, banging around on the keyboard, and I was just trying to play a melody to help have him follow along with, (use one finger instead of pounding with your fist), and the melody of 'By And Down' just came out of that. I hit record on my phone, recorded the beginnings of that, the chord structure, kicked my three-year old out of the room, probably put him in front of the Wiggles or something like that on TV, and got to work on the song."

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