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Coal Chamber Songs - Loco Lyrics

Loco Lyrics By Coal Chamber Songs Album: Coal Chamber Year: 1997 Pull - steamroller rollin' through my head said attached to loco power up coal through t

Coal Chamber - Loco
Coal Chamber - Loco

Coal Chamber - Loco Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Coal Chamber
Released: 1997

Loco Lyrics

Pull - steamroller rollin' through my head said attached to Loco
power up coal through the system out to the right said you're in
my light - lock down the generator on man screw down use the system
use the main plan full power up to the point man don't fuck with me


Lock down here latch the generator on screw the system full power hit
the main plan

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  • A track from the first Coal Chamber album, "Loco" became the Metal band's most popular song, thanks in large part to a manic video directed by Nathan "Karma" Cox, who would later direct clips for Queens of the Stone Age, Disturbed and Linkin Park.
  • "Loco" is Spanish for "crazy," and this song is about a guy who is losing his mind. In our interview with lead singer Dez Fafara , who wrote the lyrics, he explained that it was inspired by the music scene in Los Angeles, which he felt had gone stagnant.

    "That's about living in Los Angeles and just wanting to do something different," he said. "And having a persona around myself where people think I'm a little nuts, but really I'm crazy for music."

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