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Green Day Songs - She Lyrics

She Lyrics By Green Day Songs Album: Dookie Year: 1994 Lyrics: Not Found Available: She Youtube Music Video

Green Day - She
Green Day - She

Green Day - She Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Dookie
Released: 1994

She Lyrics

  • This song is about a girl who doesn't know what to do with her life. Everyone is trying to tell her what to do, but she wants to take her own path.

    It was inspired by Adrienne Nesser, who Billie Joe Armstrong was dating. They met at a Green Day show in 1990 and carried on a long-distance relationship until 1994, when they got married shortly after the band released their Dookie album and rose to fame. The couple stayed together and had two children.
  • The Dookie album cover contains images of many Green Day inspirations and characters from their life. Says Armstrong: "There's one guy with his camera up in the air taking a picture with a beard. He's this guy Murray that's been around the scene for a long time. He took pictures of bands every weekend at Gilman's. The robed character that looks like Ozzy Osbourne is the woman on the cover of the first Ozzy album. Angus Young is in there somewhere too. The graffiti reading 'Twisted Dog Sisters' refers to these 2 girls from Berkeley. They're punk rock girls that have been around for years."
  • This is one of Billie Joe Armstrong's favorite songs, and one he makes sure is included in every Green Day show. "I will play 'She' for the rest of my life," he told Rolling Stone in 2014. "It has aged well with me."

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