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Megadeth Songs - Hangar 18 Lyrics

Hangar 18 Lyrics By Megadeth Songs Album: Rust in Peace Year: 1990 Welcome to our fortress tall Take some time to show you around Impossible to break thes

Megadeth - Hangar 18
Megadeth - Hangar 18

Megadeth - Hangar 18 Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Rust in Peace
Released: 1990

Hangar 18 Lyrics

Welcome to our fortress tall
Take some time to show you around
Impossible to break these walls
For you see the steel is much too strong
Computer banks to rule the world
Instruments to sight the stars

Possibly I've seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much

Foreign life forms inventory
Suspended state of cryogenics
Selective amnesia's the story
Believed foretold but who'd suspect
The military Intelligence
Two words combined that can't make sense

Possibly I've seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much

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Hangar 18
  • Hangar 18 is an Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio where the alien bodies were taken when a UFO supposedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The remains were later taken to Area 51 in Nevada, and many people believe they are still there. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth explained when the album was
    Released: "'Hangar 18' is about military intelligence – two words combined that don't make sense. I can't understand why they're hiding stuff from us. It's our country, too. But see, they run it, and the more I get into politics, the less I become a musician."
  • The video, directed by Paul Boyington, depicts an alien landing in Roswell. The song that plays at the beginning of the clip is another Rust In Peace track, "Dawn Patrol."
  • Dave Mustaine, who was a member of Metallica until he was fired in 1983, wrote this song. The main riff of this song is similar to Metallica's "The Call Of Ktulu" which appeared on their Ride The Lightning album. Mustaine had composer credits on that song, but he was kicked out of Metallica before the album was released.
  • In 2001, Megadeth recorded a sequel to this called "Return To Hangar."
  • This is featured as a playable song in Guitar Hero 2.
  • Mustaine told Rock Radio that drummer Nick Menza sealed his departure from Megadeth while the band were creating this track. He explained: "I wrote the song and called it 'N2RHQ – it was like the numbers on the side of a plane. It was a future-tech thing. It was kind of sci-fi where I would go someplace in the future into space. Not that I saw an alien. Menza is the guy who believes in UFOs. If you look at his website or if you listen to his solo music, it shows you where he's at in his life. Nick said something that I found really juvenile and offensive. He told me that Jesus was an alien and he could levitate. That was the end of me taking Nick seriously – I believed in God ever since I was a kid."
  • This received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance, but lost to Mustaine's former band, Metallica, who won with their self-titled album.

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