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Anna Nalick Songs - Drink Me Lyrics

Drink Me Lyrics By Anna Nalick Songs Album: Wreck Of The Day (Japanese Edition) Year: 2005 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Drink Me Youtube Music Video

Anna Nalick - Drink Me
Anna Nalick - Drink Me

Anna Nalick - Drink Me Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Wreck Of The Day (Japanese Edition)
Released: 2005

Drink Me Lyrics

Drink Me
  • The title comes from the legendary fantasy book Alice In Wonderland, where Alice finds a bottle with the words "Drink Me" on it that changes her shape when she drinks it. In the song, Anna uses the "Drink Me" under the pretense that if you drink enough then you will disappear completely. Anna explained that it was inspired by another book, East Of Eden by famous author John Steinbeck. The main character in the book has a necklace with a bottle of poison that is used to slowly poison herself. The book also makes some connections to Alice In Wonderland.
  • This references famous self-destructive artists and people including depressed Rock songwriting prodigy Kurt Cobain; Jazz master John Coltrane, who died of the excesses he had in his youth; popular '60s Blues/Rock singer Janis Joplin, who died of drug excess; respected author Sylvia Plath, who killed herself; and Marilyn Monroe whose death is disputed and may have killed herself or overdosed. The song includes some ideas about insecurity, human thought, and mortality.
  • This accompanies the acoustic rendition of "Catalyst" as the bonus tracks available on the Japanese import version of Anna Nalick's debut album Wreck Of The Day. Another Nalick song not available on her US debut album is "Home," a B-side with the acoustic "Catalyst" on the Australian single for "Breathe (2AM)."

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