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Crass Songs - Gotcha Lyrics

Gotcha Lyrics By Crass Songs Album: Best Before 1984 Year: 1982 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Gotcha Youtube Music Video

Crass - Gotcha
Crass - Gotcha

Crass - Gotcha Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Best Before 1984
Released: 1982

Gotcha Lyrics

  • No, this is not a frivolous song; it remains to be seen if it can be called a song at all, but it has a very serious point. On April 2, 1982, the Argentine Junta invaded the Falkland Islands, the most far flung outpost of a once mighty British Empire. Although General Galtieri was clearly in the wrong, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to resort to gunboat diplomacy, and sent a task force to the South Atlantic.

    On May 2, the Argentine ship General Belgrano was sunk by a British torpedo attack; some two hundred and seventy-five personnel were lost. On May 4, the front page headline in the Sun newspaper was GOTCHA, something most people considered far more obscene than any amount of "effing and blinding" any Punk band could have put on any record.

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