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Al Stewart Songs - Time Passages Lyrics

Time Passages Lyrics By Al Stewart Songs Album: Time Passages Year: 1978 It was late in December, the sky turned to snow All round the day was going down

Al Stewart - Time Passages
Al Stewart - Time Passages

Al Stewart - Time Passages Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Time Passages
Released: 1978

Time Passages Lyrics

It was late in December, the sky turned to snow
All round the day was going down slow
Night like a river beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Drifting into Time Passages
Years go falling in the fading light
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

Well I'm not the kind to live in the past
The years run too short and the days too fast
The things you lean on are the things that don't last
Well it's just now and then my line gets cast into these
Time passages
There's something back here that you left behind
Oh time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn
Don't know why you should feel
That there's something to learn
It's just a game that you play

Well the picture is changing
Now you're part of a crowd
They're laughing at something
And the music's loud
A girl comes towards you
You once used to know
You reach out your hand
But you're all alone, in these
Time passages
I know you're in there, you're just out of sight
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

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Time Passages
  • Al Stewart didn't like this song. Here's what he said in an interview with "I'll tell you a funny story. I have never really cared for that song I know it was a big hit and all that. It was just one of those things where the record company asked me to write something that sounded like "Year Of The Cat" and we ended up doing that. But I didn't realize truly how bad a song it was until one day I was in an elevator and I was listening to what I thought was Muzak. About 30 seconds went by, and I finally began to recognize it and said to myself, 'This sounds pretty horrible.' Then, horror of horrors, I heard my voice come on, it actually was the record. So I'm thinking, 'Oh my God what have I done, this is terrible!' Hopefully in the last 25 years I've redeemed myself with other things, but "Time Passages" has just never thrilled me."
  • Stewart wrote this with the guitarist Peter White, who started touring as a member of Stewart's band in 1975 and collaborated with him for the next 20 years. In June 2010, Peter told us: "Al and I wrote this song together in 1977. I had come up with the electric piano riff which starts the song and together we put together the verse and the chorus, based on that recurring riff. There was no attempt or even conversation about writing anything similar to 'Year Of The Cat' which Al wrote with Peter Wood. The words and melody were mostly from Al and the musical bed and instrumental breaks were mostly my ideas and even if Al says he doesn't like the song, he has been playing it onstage consistently for the last 32 years! As soon as we added the saxophone in the studio there were obvious comparisons to YOTC. (The saxophonist was Phil Kenzie, who had also played the stellar solo on YOTC). But to say that the song was written to satisfy the record company - that was an issue that never even came up! And yes I'm very proud of this song, which still gets radio airplay every day!" (Learn more about Peter at .)

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