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Cher Songs - Lie To Me Lyrics

Lie To Me Lyrics By Cher Songs Album: Closer To The Truth Year: 2013 Hmmm Oh, fuck, just lie to me Tell me something sweet Till I look the other way Don'

Cher - Lie To Me
Cher - Lie To Me

Cher - Lie To Me Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Closer To The Truth
Released: 2013

Lie To Me Lyrics


Oh, fuck, just Lie To Me
Tell me something sweet
Till I look the other way
Don't wanna start over babe
Already gave you everything
I got nothing left of me
The truth is overrated

Here it comes now, you're gonna stab me in the heart
I'm gonna hold my ears, so I can't hear us fall apart
Oh, I'm just a little broken down, trying to keep myself alive
So don't kill me
Don't kill me

Neither one of us is pure enough to come clean

I'd rather you lie to me
And look me dead in the eyes
Tell me I'm the one you need
I don't wanna start over babe
This was my everything
You were my last chance, you see
Truth is overrated to me

Is this all common now?
Where's that fairytale that sold us out?
Oh, do you really think you're the only one with secrets now?
See, you're like me
You're just like me

Well, one of us is happy
Other bleeds

So just lie to me
I tell you something sweet
Till we look the other way
We don't wanna start over babe
Weavin' up everything
Till there's nothing left


Writer/s: Moore, Alecia B / Mann, Billy
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Lie To Me
  • This sweeping-strings weepy ballad was penned by Pink and her frequent collaborator, Billy Mann. Cher described it to Billboard magazine as, "the ballad that all the women cry at."
  • The song is the closing track of Cher's 26th album, Closer To The Truth. The record begins with a selection of dance-floor anthems and ends with a collection of melodic mid-tempo songs and slower numbers. "The first half of the album are the songs that you play before you're going out to dance," Cher told Billboard magazine, "and the second [half] are the ones that you play after you've come home."

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