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Dean Friedman Songs - Lydia Lyrics

Lydia Lyrics By Dean Friedman Songs Album: Well Well Said The Rocking Chair Year: 1978 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Lydia Youtube Music Video

Dean Friedman - Lydia
Dean Friedman - Lydia

Dean Friedman - Lydia Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Well Well Said The Rocking Chair
Released: 1978

Lydia Lyrics

  • Dean Friedman said of this song: "I wrote it about a lovely young lady I dated when I was just starting out in the music biz, but I used her roommates name to protect the not-so-innocent."
  • Friedman's first single was "Ariel," which was a hit in America, but didn't catch on in the UK. His second album, Well Well Said The Rocking Chair, produced the #3 UK hit "Lucky Stars," and also the #31 "Lydia," but neither song made the American charts. In our 2012 interview with Dean Friedman , he explained what happened with his label, Lifesong Records: "Their subsidiary in the UK just said, 'Well, we've done as much as we can. If you're not going to share in the cost of continuing to break this artist, there's not much more we can do.' And at that point I just decided that I needed to part with the label. I had delivered four successive chart records around the world. Sold at least a million units. And I was still borrowing money to get to the studio. I was always very aware that I was on small labels that were not in a position to maximize the opportunity."

    Friedman ended up declaring bankruptcy, but was a consistent draw in the UK, where he would tour for about two months every year. He moved there in 1998.

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