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HIM Songs - Tears on Tape Lyrics

Tears on Tape Lyrics By HIM Songs Album: Tears On Tape Year: 2013 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Tears on Tape Youtube Music Video

HIM - Tears on Tape
HIM - Tears on Tape

HIM - Tears on Tape Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Tears On Tape
Released: 2013

Tears on Tape Lyrics

Tears on Tape
  • This is the title track to HIM's eighth studio album. In our interview with group's lead singer/songwriter Ville Valo , he explained: "It's my tribute to the music I grew up listening to. It mentions church bells tolling and thunder roaring, and that's a dedication to the first Black Sabbath album and so forth. There are two or three different stories going on at the same time. In one, it describes music verbally, and my favorite songs. And on another level it's a bit more of an emotional journey and relationship-related little ditty."
  • You might detect and '80s sound to this one, which can be attributed to Ville Valo's love of music from that decade - he cites Depeche Mode and Nick Cave as two of his favorites from the era.

    Valo came up with the basic track for this song when he was working on some Electronic side projects that never came to fruition. When it came time to work on the Tears On Tape album, he brought out what he had of the song and gave it the HIM treatment. "I had that melody and I was playing around with that for about eight months," he told us. "Then since we started working on new stuff with HIM, I thought, 'Let's try it out. It's a bit different than the rest of the songs.'"

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