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Naughty Boy Songs - Welcome To Cabana Lyrics

Welcome To Cabana Lyrics By Naughty Boy Songs Album: Hotel Cabana Year: 2013 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our six star The Hotel Cabana, a world full

Naughty Boy - Welcome To Cabana
Naughty Boy - Welcome To Cabana

Naughty Boy - Welcome To Cabana Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Hotel Cabana
Released: 2013

Welcome To Cabana Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our six star
The Hotel Cabana, a world full of drama
Interior designed by Dolce & Gabbana
Hotel Cabana, where you check out 'fore you check in to our beds
And I guess you’ll write their checks out without checking
Double rooms with hammocks in, masquerades and mannequins
Discounts for kids now and anyone who hasn’t sinned
Yea, but beware of the piranhas
And surveillance from the cameras while you’re wearing your Havanas in

Hotel Cabana, where the sleepless kids live
Dancing with fire, look what young money did
Confetti on their heads, stranger in my beds
Hotel Cabana, where the curious go
Jump in the sauna, let the bad habits grow
Oh oh dancing on the edge
Hope it never ends in Cabana

Let me take you on a journey through these eternal corridors
Polished floors, no third, no seventh or eleventh floor
Founded and built up on a premise of a clever thought
Witness an experience of something unforgettable
Hotel Cabana, José Hosanna
There are cloaks and daggers
There are snakes and ladders yeah
Lost souls roaming round like night owls
So make sure the doors are locked before you turn the lights out

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Welcome To Cabana
  • This is the introductory track to British-born Pakistani record producer Shahid "Naughty Boy" Khan's debut album Hotel Cabana. The record is a concept album, based around a luxury hotel where musicians come to perform. This song features singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé and rapper Tinie Tempah.

    Khan explained where the idea came from to Digital Spy . "One of my many early jobs was a waiter at a hotel called The Grove," he said. "It's a luxury hotel. This was in 2005 so it was only later on that I thought about the concept. I became a bit obsessed with them, because I used to see these rich and famous people. They'd spend lavish amounts of money, people would be able to complain more because it was expensive and they'd have affairs. I just think hotels are strange weird places - and luxury hotels even more so."

    "When I was making the album," he continued, "I couldn't just put a bunch of songs together - it would have been easy to do that. So I needed an idea. 'Hotel California' is one of my favourite songs and I just love the whole idea of what you can discuss. It was just a crazy idea that I stuck with."
  • This is one of four songs on the album (eight including the bonus tracks), that features the voice of Sandé . Khan also collaborated on much of the Scottish singer-songwriter's debut album, Our Version of Events, including her hit single "Heaven."
  • Khan asked Tinie Tempah to imagine on this intro track that he was working on Hotel Cabana's front desk.
  • The album was recorded at Cabana Studios, which is located at Ealing Studios in London. The record title was in part inspired by the studio.

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