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Neko Case Songs - Man Lyrics

Man Lyrics By Neko Case Songs Album: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight... Year: 2013 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Man Youtube Music Video

Neko Case - Man
Neko Case - Man

Neko Case - Man Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight...
Released: 2013

Man Lyrics

  • This rollicking rocker finds Case taking on the subject of gender roles:

    "I'm a man's man, I've always been.
    But make no mistake what I've invested in.
    The woman's heart is the watermark by which I measure everything."

    Case told The Guardian: "I think I just want balance. I want to be equal parts man and woman, no matter what I am at the gynecologist."
  • That's M. Ward of She & Him playing the fuzzed-out guitar.
  • The song grew out of Case's observations about the inflexible way people often respond when she refers to herself as a guy – as in, "I'm the kind of guy who..."

    She told Rolling Stone: "Everybody wants to remind you that you're a girl. And I'm like, not if I don't want to be. I grew up in America, man."

    Case added that the song is also an attack on modern politically correct attitudes. "The Seventies went out of its way to show little girls as firemen and stuff," she said. "Let's not hash it out and make it firewoman or fireperson."

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