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The White Stripes Songs - Take, Take, Take Lyrics

Take, Take, Take Lyrics By The White Stripes Songs Album: Get Behind Me Satan Year: 2005 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Take, Take, Take Youtube Music Video

The White Stripes - Take, Take, Take
The White Stripes - Take, Take, Take

The White Stripes - Take, Take, Take Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Get Behind Me Satan
Released: 2005

Take, Take, Take Lyrics

Take, Take, Take
  • Along with "White Moon," this is one of two songs on Get Behind Me Satan where Jack White envisions meeting Rita Hayworth for the first time. Hayworth was a glamorous actress who died in 1987; White was intrigued with her at the time and had pictures of her all over his Detroit home where the Get Behind Me Satan album was recorded. White is probably making a statement on idolatry and the trappings of fame.
  • Jack White told Guitar World (February 2006) about the title of the album: "The album title is consciously ambiguous. It can either mean 'Get out of my way, Satan!', or 'Get behind me, Satan and help me out!" Rock and blues are both so powerful, and there is always something both good and evil lurking in that power. Both have been called 'the devil's music.' Take for example, 'If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day' by Robert Johnson. I don't think he's fooling around. When you write songs, you become a conduit for all kinds of energy. I may think the inspiration is coming out of me, but I'm not so sure sometimes. It makes me question what power is driving certain things. It's hard to talk about because you can sound a little ridiculous."

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