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Goodie Mob Songs - Father Time Lyrics

Father Time Lyrics By Goodie Mob Songs Album: Age Against The Machine Year: 2013 Get the patriarch, the founder, forefather Initiator the forebearer your

Goodie Mob - Father Time
Goodie Mob - Father Time

Goodie Mob - Father Time Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Age Against The Machine
Released: 2013

Father Time Lyrics

Get the patriarch, the founder, forefather
Initiator the forebearer your predecessor
The architect and now Arthur I sponge you son
Informed you, uungh better yet cleared your mind
Used to stick your chest out son cause I was your father
Gave you pride about your south side cos I was your father
Used to listen to the tape pop and roll your quarter
Let me slow down and state some fact
I put chrome in my mouth they used to call me jaws
I’m in the 84 "lac with the butterfly doors
Dundgeon family, 100 deep when we in the streets
Who you think ya big brothers them wanted to be
I'm your father

Influenced by few
But I’ve been inspired many
Dropasaurus Rex prime minister with the semi
Set the standards for grimy intellectual niggas
Sothern realistic flow special delivery
Boy it's killing me ain't nothing new under the sun
Sit back listen I tell you how the south was won
With big guns, deep pockets and hard heads
South white box chevy gold grills and dreads
Never scared raised the bar while you tucked your tail
Goodie Mob, Illuminati?
What the hell?
If anything boy we put your ass up on game
Gave you food for your soul and nourished your brain

My significance brings purpose when I'm nervous
I remember the snow is falling on December
as I matched the mink to winter
As I noticed a similar pattern
Of different characters in the matrix they were learning
I’m your papi I’m the reason you were rapping
I got no time for napping you still off in the trap and...
You asking me what happened
The music ain’t the same
We opened up your brains and we blow back through the veins
And The facts still remains we gave away the game
Our records helped you train
And we got you through the pain and we stayed off in our lane
We made it out the rain
We’re artist, we’re teachers
We’re leaders, we’re soldiers

I contemplated completely killing my son
If I can't cut the cancer out that's stealing my son
To lay down my own life I am willing my son
Yeah I remember smiling when I caught him stealing my gun
Before I started building my son I was stealing for crumbs
Couldn't tell the difference from how I was feeling from numb
The four walls, the floor and the ceiling is slum
And right outside the front door the kids were killing for fun
And he had a room with a view
And a couple of times he saw his daddy go outside and have some fun too
But let’s be clear I’m not your peer listen here
I am harder, I’m smarter, I am Sparta
I am your father

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Father Time
  • This song finds the Goodie Mob speaking to their teenage audience, as they address the group's musical legacy and the impact of its extended Dungeon Family musical collective, which includes OutKast. "The significance of 'Father' is for the youngsters to realize, without us, there is no them," Goodie Mob member Big Gipp said at the album's LA listening party. "When you see Kendrick Lamar, you hear Andre 3000. When you see Drake, that's Cee Lo. When you see me, you see Trinidad [James]."

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