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Pentagram Songs - Review Your Choices Lyrics

Review Your Choices Lyrics By Pentagram Songs Album: Review Your Choices Year: 1999 Man and woman try to keep a tie While looking at what passes by Villag

Pentagram - Review Your Choices
Pentagram - Review Your Choices

Pentagram - Review Your Choices Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Review Your Choices
Released: 1999

Review Your Choices Lyrics

Man and woman try to keep a tie
While looking at what passes by
Village thieves and all the tramps
Somewhere someone left some gaps
Look before you leap my friend
Should God take you in his hand
It's a very small price for your sins you spend
And there's a man with a pitchfork around the bend

The evil churns, you'll start to burn
But will you crack, you can't turn back, oh no
Review all of your choices now
There's no one 'round to show you how
But the hand comin' down has a-reached it's end
You know who's still around the bend

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Review Your Choices
  • Satanism in Heavy Metal is a misunderstood trope, with the songs often reflecting more complex views on religion than simply blind allegiance to the Devil. Much of it is also theatrics - AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and a host of lesser Metalmen have created a buzz with hints of Beelzebub in their lyrics.

    Pentagram, however, had a more sincere interest in the subject, as evidenced by their band name. "Review Your Choices," written by lead singer Bobby Liebling , explains that there is an alternative to God which is worthy of consideration. When we spoke with Liebling in 2013, he explained: "I remember I was real deep into Satanism, which is the wrong way to go. I'll tell you that right now, I don't care how self serving you are. You don't step on people's faces to get there. I learned that the hard way."

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