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Pink Floyd Songs - Any Colour You Like Lyrics

Any Colour You Like Lyrics By Pink Floyd Songs Album: The Dark Side of the Moon Year: 1973 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Any Colour You Like Youtube Music Video

Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like
Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like

Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: The Dark Side of the Moon
Released: 1973

Any Colour You Like Lyrics

Any Colour You Like
  • The title is often attributed to something Henry Ford said about the Model T automobile: "You can have it any color you like... as long as it's black!" According to The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia , however, the song title is from a catch phrase used by former Pink Floyd road manager Chris Adamson. When asked for a guitar, Adamson would respond, "Any colour you like, they're all blue." He may have picked this up from local street traders in Cambridge.
  • This is an instrumental that is musically similar to "Breathe," and is unofficially called "Breathe (2nd reprise)."
  • The song used advanced effects for the time both in the keyboard and the guitar. The VCS 3 synthesizer was fed through a long tape loop to create the rising and falling keyboard solo. David Gilmour used 2 guitars with the UniVibe guitar effect to create the harmonizing guitar solo for the rest of the song.
  • Roger Waters, in an interview with the author Phil Rose, stated: "In Cambridge where I lived, people would come from London in a van - a truck - open the back and stand on the tailboard of the truck, and the truck's full of stuff that they're trying to sell. And they have a very quick and slick patter, and they're selling things like crockery, china, sets of knives and forks. All kinds of different things, and they sell it very cheap with a patter. They tell you what it is, and they say 'It's ten plates, lady, and it's this, that, and the other, and eight cups and saucers, and for the lot I'm asking NOT ten pounds, NOT five pounds, NOT three pounds... fifty bob to you!,' and they get rid of this stuff like this. If they had sets of china, and they were all the same colour, they would say, 'You can 'ave 'em, ten bob to you, love. Any colour you like, they're all blue.' And that was just part of that patter. So, metaphorically, 'Any Colour You Like' is interesting, in that sense, because it denotes offering a choice where there is none. And it's also interesting that in the phrase, 'Any colour you like, they're all blue,' I don't know why, but in my mind it's always 'they're all blue', which, if you think about it, relates very much to the light and dark, sun and moon, good and evil. You make your choice but it's always blue."

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