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Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers Songs - Counterclockwise Lyrics

Counterclockwise Lyrics By Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers Songs Album: Americano! Year: 2004 Lyrics: Not Found Available: Counterclockwise Youtube Music Video

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers - Counterclockwise
Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers - Counterclockwise

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers - Counterclockwise Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Americano!
Released: 2004

Counterclockwise Lyrics

  • In a November 17, 2005 Boulder Dirt article, Clyne explained that this song was about free thinking and expressing yourself, but is up to the listener to interpret. Said Clyne: "What we have is pieces of art. We assign them some degree of message and humble meaning - at least in our own hearts - and we put it out there to the people. And if they respond, then they pay for it with a dollar bill. And if so, we're lucky; we're not only artists, but we also get to make a living."
  • "Counterclockwise," says singer/songwriter Roger Clyne in a podcast on, "was meant to endorse free thinking. I tried to use images, like lightening my load in some way. For example, 'I bought a pancho and sandals, threw away my shoes' - I'm unclad, and trying to stand on the terra firma of the truth. 'Brought a toothbrush and a razor I probably won't use,' those things are something that we use before we gather ourselves, and prim and proper ourselves up for social interaction. 'Hit the track, turned my back on the headline news' - well, that's a liberating thing. Like, go on some grand adventure and turn your back on whatever huge societal expectations may be levied on you. And then 'I'm on my way to meet to the moon on the bay where she's rising big and full and blue'; the moon is a wonderful symbol of awakening in the night, of glowing in the dark, so to speak. So there, there's my first verse of 'Counterclockwise.' And it was meant to be something that would endorse individuals becoming unbound and unwound, such that they can express themselves freely, and hopefully with dignity, tolerance, and passion that won't advocate a predatory lifestyle. That's what that one's meant to do." (Get more in our Roger Clyne interview. His website is .)

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