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The Beach Boys Songs - Wild Honey Lyrics

Wild Honey Lyrics By The Beach Boys Songs Album: Wild Honey Year: 1967 Sweet sweet wild honey bee Eat up eat up eat up honey Mama I'm tellin' you as sure

The Beach Boys - Wild Honey
The Beach Boys - Wild Honey

The Beach Boys - Wild Honey Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Wild Honey
Released: 1967

Wild Honey Lyrics

Sweet sweet Wild Honey bee
Eat up eat up eat up honey
Mama I'm tellin' you as sure as I'm standing here
She's my girl and that's the way I'm keeping it now mama dear
No good will it do you to stand there and frown at me
The girl's got my heart and my love's coming down on me
My love's coming down since I got a taste of wild honey
You know she's got the sweetness of a honey bee
Wild honey
She got it on and stung me good yes sirree
With all the other stud bees buzzing all around her hive
She singled me out single handed took me alive
Well can you can you gonna take my life eating up her wild honey
(Sweet sweet wild honey bee)
(Eat up eat up eat up honey)
Oh mama she's sweeter
Gettin' sweeter
Sweeter sweeter
Wild honey
Let me tell you how she really got to my soul
It ain't funny
The way she make want to sing a little rock 'n' roll
There's nothing quite nice as a kiss of wild honey
I break my back workin' just to save me some money
So I can spend my life with her
Sock it to me wild honey
Wild honey she's mine
Wild honey she's mine

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Wild Honey
  • Wild Honey is probably a reference to a kiss, although it could have a more explicit meaning. The phrase has been used by many bands including U2 ("Wild Honey"), The Beatles ("Wild Honey Pie"), and The Steve Miller Band ("Wild Mountain Honey").
  • This was released as a single with "Wind Chimes" from the album Smiley Smile.
  • Mike Love of The Beach Boys recalled to Billboard magazine in a 2012 interview that he went into the kitchen to make some tea whilst "Darlin'" was being recorded at Brian Wilson's house in Bel-Air. "Brian had a health food store back then called the Radiant Radish," he remembered, "and I look up and see 'wild honey,' and the track is pumping and I thought, "I'll make up a song called 'Wild Honey.'" So Love penned a song "about a girl and this guy-I was even thinking about Stevie Wonder at the time." He wondered, "What would Stevie Wonder say to his mother about a girl that maybe she didn't want him to get involved with, but he says, 'Screw it' - he really digs this chick. That was the premise of the song."

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