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The Cure Songs - How Beautiful You Are Lyrics

How Beautiful You Are Lyrics By The Cure Songs Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Year: 1987 You want to know why I hate you? Well I'll try and explain. Yo

The Cure - How Beautiful You Are
The Cure - How Beautiful You Are

The Cure - How Beautiful You Are Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Released: 1987

How Beautiful You Are Lyrics

You want to know why I hate you?
Well I'll try and explain.
You remember that day in Paris
When we wandered through the rain
And promised to each other
That we'd always think the same
And dreamed that dream
To be two souls as one
And stopped just as the sun set
And waited for the night
Outside a glittering building
Of glittering glass and burning light
And in the road before us
Stood a weary greyish man
Who held a child upon his back
A small boy by the hand
The three of them were dressed in rags
And thinner than the air
And all six eyes stared fixedly on you

The father's eyes said "Beautiful!
How Beautiful You Are!"
The boy's eyes said
"How beautiful!
She shimmers like a star!"
The childs eyes uttered nothing
But a mute and utter joy
And filled my heart with shame for us
At the way we are

I turned to look at you
To read my thoughts upon your face
And gazed so deep into your eyes
So beautiful and strange
Until you spoke
And showed me understanding is a dream
"I hate these people staring
Make them go away from me!"

The fathers eyes said "Beautiful!
How beautiful you are!"
The boys eyes said
"How beautiful! She glitters like a star!"
The child's eyes uttered joy
And stilled my heart with sadness
For the way we are

And this is why I hate you
And how I understand
That no one ever knows or loves another

Or loves another

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How Beautiful You Are
  • The lyrics are almost identical to a poem written by Charles Baudelaire around 1869. The Poem is called The Eyes Of The Poor. It starts with the line, "So you would like to know why I hate you today?" and goes on to explain the story just as the song does.
  • Vocalist Robert Smith reflected on the songwriting process and the influence of a book of Baudelaire poems in a 1987 interview with Promotional 12": "I read through them all and one just really struck me, because I'd actually written a song like that... about how you think that you really know someone, and you really love someone, and suddenly discover that they can react to something you find very important, and they react in a totally different way, and you can't believe that it's the same person. I had a set of words that had that sort of idea in it."

    He added: "Once I'd read it I thought it's really a good idea actually having it so that you take it down to one incident. I tried doing it into a very general sense of not understanding someone, but then I thought I should actually take one particular incident and write a song - that was about the most difficult song to write because I wanted to get it just right, so that it sounded like a song rather than just a literary exercise."

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