Chimaira - No Mercy
Chimaira - No Mercy

Chimaira - No Mercy Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Crown Of Phantoms
Released: 2013

No Mercy Lyrics

No Mercy
  • This was the second single released from Chimaira's Crown Of Phantoms album. It was made available on June 18, 2013. Asked by Loudwire how the song represent Crown of Phantoms, vocalist Mark Hunter replied: "The album celebrates how there really is no true individual, that we're all an expression of the people that have surrounded our lives and even the spirits of those that were before our time. So in continuing with that, 'No Mercy,' the song itself, dives into ego death. And that would be an expression of not having any true individual."
  • Directed by Patrick Finegan, who plays keys for Cleveland rock act Ohio Sky, the music video is a twisted ride through hell and back. Hunter explained to Loudwire: "The song goes through the journey of ego death and paranoia and [you] basically see me almost in like a buried alive sense. Having the flashback of what had happened and going through the layer of Hell and seeing me in the club and getting shot. It's really all just a paranoid hallucination. A lot of it came from reflection, an isolation tank, psychedelic exploration — it all kind of ties in with that."