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Blue Sky Riders - Dreams
Blue Sky Riders - Dreams

Blue Sky Riders - Dreams Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Finally Home
Released: 2013

Dreams Lyrics

  • This song evolved from a conversation that took place between band member Kenny Loggins and a longtime friend of his from the business side of music. During a live performance of the song, Loggins explains his desire to bring a female singer songwriter into the musical trio he was forming. As Loggins tells it, he flew to Nashville and met Georgia Middleman. Within one hour, they wrote a song together. The vibe was magical, and he was excited for what Blue Sky Riders might become. Upon returning to his home in Santa Barbara, he called his friend and told him, "I think I found something amazing. I might be on to something." The friend replied, "Forget it, you are too old. You can't start over at your age." That night Loggins would text Middleman the words "too old to dream." She then turned those words into what would become the chorus for this song.
  • Kenny Loggins wants the message in the song to reach people. On stage, he dedicates the song to "Everyone who thinks it's over and you have to get out of the way. Forget about it."
  • In our interview with Georgia Middleman , she explains: "I love 'Dream' because it says so much and really hits home to me, because any time anyone tells me I can't do something, that's the first thing I do. And, when somebody said to Kenny, 'You're too old to do this band,' he came to us and he went, 'uh, uh, we're doing this, we're going to do this anyway, We're not too old.' Our listeners and our fans, a lot of them are middle age, and they are reinventing their careers, they're finding a new career. Even in Nashville when I write with 20-year-old girls, they think that if they don't get their record deal now, they'll never get it, they feel too old. And it's like, God, that's just not true. That's why I love that song."
  • The song opens with a beautiful arpeggio picked on a 12-string guitar. The beat is simple and steady. It is an approach often used in songwriting when the artist wants to make certain the lyrics are not lost in the instrumentation.
  • Many have been hit with tough times. Encouragement and confidence are sometimes lost. In music's finest moments, it will provides inspiration. This song is an example of a real life occurrence with a negative implication, and talent from this gifted songwriting trio to spin this circumstance into a positive message of hope and belief.

  • Blue Sky Riders - You're Not The Boss Of Me
    Blue Sky Riders - You're Not The Boss Of Me

    Blue Sky Riders - You're Not The Boss Of Me Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

    Album: Finally Home
    Released: 2013

    You're Not The Boss Of Me Lyrics

    You're Not The Boss Of Me
  • This song is not what it appears on first listen. You might assume the lyrics reflect a back and forth conversation with two people that have a history together. Perhaps a strained romance. In reality, the lyrics relay the words of a man talking with himself. The words reflect the exchange between the head and heart. The man's heart wants to take a girl home. His head wants him to slow down and think it through, it may not be a good idea. A classic dilemma. The song delivers one of the finest lines from the album: "blah, blah, blah, in my head all day, I don't listen to a word you say."
  • The Honky Tonk backbeat is laid down right out of Bourbon Street. Close your eyes and envision Dr. John passing by. A boogie-woogie style piano kicks off in the first measure and does not stop until the final note. Not credited in the album's liner notes is a Hammond B-3 organ that highlights the song's defiant attitude. The vocals are handed off flawlessly between Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman, and her husband Gary Burr.
  • Blue Sky Riders is comprised of Kenny Loggins along with the husband-and-wife team of Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman. In our interview with Georgia Middleman , she explains the process that went into writing this song: "We talk about writing a saying. There's a saying that Gary and I always say to each other, which is the title of the song 'You're Not The Boss Of Me.' We're married, but we were dating at the time when we were making this record, and we always are really snarky with each other: 'Well, you're not the boss of me, you can't tell me what to do." We took that line and made it sloppy on the record. That's one of my favorites, because it's just so snarky and it's so much fun. The groove is really rockin'. It's like a soulful New Orleans groove. That's one of my favorites, and I love playing it on stage because you can dance to it."

  • Blue Sky Riders - Another Spring
    Blue Sky Riders - Another Spring

    Blue Sky Riders - Another Spring Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

    Album: Finally Home
    Released: 2013

    Another Spring Lyrics

    Another Spring
  • Songwriters observe life and collect ideas. The beauty is when they turn despair into hope.

    In May 2009, the Jesusita Fire torched over 8,000 acres in Santa Barbara, California. Nature's battle to survive and fight back provided Kenny Loggins the inspiration for writing this song. He took a bike ride through the same charred land in August of 2010 and cried as he rode through the devastation. In early spring of 2011, he finally saw hope in the scorched earth. He could smell new sage just beginning to return. He saw plant life trying to force its way back. He whispered to himself, "I guess it's going to take another spring."

    Loggins wrote in his blog for the band's website: "I recognized how long it was taking for nature to come back from this destruction, but also, paradoxically how quickly and tenaciously life wants to rebuild, to send out it's shoots of rebirth, of the promise of a coming spring. I was immediately struck by an inner promise, of the awareness that my own personal spring was only one more season away. It was a message of hope for a heart still in repair, even after all the seasons."
  • In Georgia Middleman's Songfacts interview she was asked to the reflect on idea behind the song. "That was Kenny's idea," she replied. "He lives in Santa Barbara and they had some wildfires. He was bike riding one day and he said all the plants and the trees, the bushes, they were charred and he was riding through black. He stopped his bike and looked down, and out of one of the bushes there were green sprigs coming out of the black, charred branches. And he went, 'Oh my God, it's amazing how much nature wants to renew itself. And it will.' He said, 'It'll probably take another spring, but we're going to get the wildlife back, we're going to get these trees back. He said, 'It's kind of like life. Nature wants to renew itself, people want to renew themselves.' He came to us with the idea of, 'it will probably take another spring,' and we wrote it as an analogy to opening yourself back up to life after you feel like you've died."
  • Few instruments capture the mournful sound of a lonesome whippoorwill like the dobro. The dobro's first note, struck in the intro at the :09 mark, pays homage to nature's loss. It represents the sounds of wildlife and nature, the inspiration for this song.

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