Gary Numan - Remind Me to Smile
Gary Numan - Remind Me to Smile

Gary Numan - Remind Me to Smile Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

Album: Telekon
Released: 1980

Remind Me to Smile Lyrics

We'll take a taxi to the show
We could report by phone
We could remind ourselves that
We must laugh

Reconsider: 'fame'
I need new reasons
This is detention it's not fun at all

Remind Me to Smile
You know, 'the old friends' line
It gets so I feel like
I'm in this cold, glass, cage

I've got the horrors
Check, over my shoulder
I punch the air and fight but
No-one's there

You you oh no
Old scars don't show
We fall you see
Crawl crawl in love
I dive so clean
Young things don't scream
Toys toys so far
Boys boys you are


Get off the car
Get off the phone
Move from my window, leave me alone

Keep your revivals
Keep your conventions
Keep all your fantasies that's all we are

Writer/s: Webb, Gary Anthony James
Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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Remind Me to Smile
  • This anthemic song finds Gary Numan reacting to his sudden celebrity and the apparently overwhelming adulation of his fans. He recalled to Mojo magazine December 2013: "I was really struggling with fame. It wasn't what I expected. My issues were connected with Asperger's. I was young, had this personality problem and suddenly I was famous. Not famous in a band, I was solo. I didn't have a manager; I was with a record company that had no success of their own, and I did everything – wrote, produced, did the album sleeves, played almost everything. So every bit of interest, pressure and hostility was directed right in my face. And I was just this little f---ed up mentalist trying to deal with it. I was totally unprepared."
  • The song was released as a promo single in the US, but Numan surprisingly declined to issue it as a 45 in his home country.