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Pink Floyd - Louder Than Word
Pink Floyd - Louder Than Words

Pink Floyd - Louder Than Words Youtube Music Videos and Lyrics

Album: The Endless River
Released: 2014

Louder Than Words Lyrics

We bitch and we fight
Diss each other on sight
But this thing we do
These times together
Rain or shine or stormy weather
This thing we do

With world-weary grace
We've taken our places
We could curse it or nurse it and give it a name

It's Louder Than Words
This thing that we do
Louder than words
The way it unfurls
It's louder than words
The sum of our parts
The beat of our hearts
Is louder than words
Louder than words

The strings bend and slide
As the hours glide by
An old pair of shoes, your favorite blues
Gonna tap out the rhythm
Let's go with the flow, wherever it goes
We're more than alive

It's louder than words
This thing that we do
Louder than words
The way it unfurls
It's louder than words
The sum of our parts
The beat of our hearts
Is louder than words
Louder than words

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Louder Than Words Song Chart
  • The closing track of Pink Floyd's The Endless River album, this is the only non-instrumental song on the record. The lyrics were written by David Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson.
  • The song contains David Gilmour's first new Pink Floyd vocal in 20 years. It was recorded at Gilmour's home studio in Hove on England's south coast. "Both Phil and myself had been pushing David to get the lyric and get the vocal," co-producer Youth recalled to Uncut magazine. "Everyone around him was saying how he hates doing vocals, and he always l;eaves them to the last minute... He does this amazing thing when he's composing and gets a melody. He does this skat vocal. It is absolutely perfect. Apparently that's how he did 'Comfortably Numb.' I've never heard a singer skat a lead vocal so exact, with the right emotion and everything. So we had this skat vocal, and then we waited for Polly and David to come up with the lyrics."

    "David had come up with a concept that when he went into the chorus, he would go low and the backing singers would go an octave up from him," continued co-producer and long-time Floyd engineer Andy Jackson. "He's a big Leonard Cohen fan, and that's something Leonard does a lot. Because the studio was in his home, he'd try it every day until he got all the lines he wanted. He ended up just doing it alone. It had been a while since he sang, so he had to get his voice limbered up, a bit every day."
  • Polly Sampson's lyrics are both a tribute to former keyboardist and founding member of Pink Floyd, Richard Wright and a description of the symbiosis that the band members had. Co-producer Phil Manzanera described it to Uncut as, "a comment on their methods of working over their full careers; it seemed like a fitting summation of the complexity of the music."

    Andy Jackson added: "It's about the dynamics of being in bands, which I've always thought of as Big Brother on wheels. You become best of friends and worst of enemies all the same time."
  • London string quartet Escala played on the song. The all-female electronic string foursome were finalists on Britain's Got Talent in 2008.
  • The Endless River became Amazon UK's most pre-ordered album of all time. The record overtook One Direction's 2013 set Midnight Memories to claim the title. Asked why he thought that happened, Gilmour told CNN: "I'm going to sound like a grumpy old man. Modern music, to me, is very formulaic."

    "My children, who are now in their late teens and in their twenties, all went through phases of thinking the Beatles were the greatest thing on the planet," he added. "There are an awful lot of young people who are searching back through older music for something real, or more original."

    "Maybe they're looking for something they're not getting; something that's not made quite so robotically."

    The record was broken a few weeks later when Take That's first release as a three piece, III, became the most pre-ordered album of all time on
  • The video was directed by designer Po Powell who first members of the then fledgling Pink Floyd in 1960s Cambridge. Together with Storm Thorgerson they designed the band's album covers as well as creating the artwork for many other famous acts. The clip features footage shot near the remains of the Aral Sea on the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan border. "A surreal image if ever I saw one," Powell told Rolling Stone, "and a shocking example of human mismanagement and one of the planet's worst environmental disasters… The river has shrunk to 10 percent of its original size, destroying the fishing industry and whole townships."

  • Pink Floyd - Allons-y (1
    Pink Floyd - Allons-y (1)

    Pink Floyd - Allons-y (1) Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

    Album: The Endless River
    Released: 2014

    Allons-y (1) Lyrics

    Allons-y (1) Song Chart
  • This two-minute dreamy instrumental was made available to download from the iTunes store on November 4, 2014. The track was free for anyone who pre-ordered the iTunes version of The Endless River but otherwise must be paid for.
  • The Endless River is entirely instrumental until the final song. Asked by Rolling Stone if this had always been the plan, drummer Nick Mason replied: "Initially, we hadn't made a decision about that at all. If some of the material had been more suited to vocals, that might have been the way forward. Once we worked out there was really only one real song on it, I quite liked the idea."

  • Pink Floyd - Talkin' Hawkin
    Pink Floyd - Talkin' Hawkin'

    Pink Floyd - Talkin' Hawkin' Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

    Album: The Endless River
    Released: 2014

    Talkin' Hawkin' Lyrics

    Speech has allowed the communication of ideas
    Enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible
    Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking
    Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future
    With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded

    All we need to do is make sure we keep talking

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    Talkin' Hawkin' Song Chart
  • This features Stephen Hawking's vocals. It uses a sample of the British theoretical physicist's synthesized voice taken from a speech he made for a 1994 British Telecom commercial. (Hawking has suffered from a neuromuscular dystrophy since his early twenties that has left him almost completely paralyzed). Drummer Nick Mason told The Sun: "On one level, it's Stephen Hawking having a problem communicating and yet the sound of that voice is positively interstellar. He can communicate across galaxies with that sound."
  • This marks the second time Hawking has appeared on a Pink Floyd album. He previously lent his voice synthesizer to The Division Bell track "Keep Talking."

  • Pink Floyd - Autumn'6
    Pink Floyd - Autumn'68

    Pink Floyd - Autumn'68 Lyrics and Youtube Music Videos

    Album: The Endless River
    Released: 2014

    Autumn'68 Lyrics

    Autumn'68 Song Chart
  • This song features late Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright playing the pipe organ of the Royal Albert Hall back in 1968. The tape was made as the band prepared for an appearance at the London venue. Guitarist David Gilmour explained: "On the afternoon before we did it, during the set-up, Rick asked could he have a go on this great big pipe organ that was built in."

    "So we set him up, set up a couple of mics up and recorded him playing, just jamming away on his own."

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